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Getting to Know Perch: Grace Wilson

Updated: May 7, 2021

Hi Grace, you are part of European Growth at Perch. Before we dive into that, can you tell us a bit about your professional experience before Perch?

Yes, before Perch I worked at an e-commerce company called The Grommet for four years. Like any startup, I wore many hats and played an active role in marketing, strategic partnerships, and wholesale account management. My roles were largely focused on retail sales and enabling the delivery of innovative products to retailers throughout the country.

Interesting Grace. Can you tell us how you transitioned from that world into Perch?

Well, like any company in the online space, things change rapidly and I was in a situation where I wanted to pursue a new opportunity. One of the founders of The Grommet told me about Perch, which led to an opportunity to expand my skill-set and continue learning.

Were there any certain qualities that you were looking for in a new company? And when did you come onboard?

I joined Perch in October 2020 and, yes, there were definitely three things that I was looking for:

  • I wanted to be surrounded by smart people.

  • I wanted to make sure that I could continue learning.

  • I wanted a high-impact role.

We mentioned earlier that you work in European Growth at Perch. Can you tell us a bit about that role?

Here at Perch we are in the business of acquiring businesses in the Amazon seller space. After we acquire a business, we help to grow them into an even more successful business — I am part of that team. My specific focus is on empowering businesses to succeed in the European market; specifically, the UK, Germany, France, Italy, and Spain.

We are really excited about the untapped potential that the European market presents. Unlike the US, where Amazon is already well-established, Amazon is still in an early growth stage in Europe. There is less competition and many more opportunities for high growth.

In my role, I enable products to be successful in the EU market. This involves looking at products as part of a multi-department process, from learning about new upcoming products during the acquisition stage to perfecting product pages that are published on Amazon.

This is all part of our launch playbook, where we do everything possible to prepare the product for success in a specific market. This involves a variety of steps, such as analyzing competitors, determining product viability, working with operations to manage product shipments to EU warehouses, using native speakers to write product copy in the appropriate language, ensuring product pages rank effectively in terms of SEO, etc.

Thanks Grace, it sounds like your role is an exciting one. What kinds of challenges have you encountered while working in your role at Perch?

The biggest challenge is figuring out how to scale as many new brands as fast as possible while also maintaining a high standard in all five European marketplaces. I want native customers in Germany or France to look at our product listings and resonate with the descriptions in their language. I also need to constantly ensure that end user marketing content performs as expected, whether it’s a product page or optimizing PPC. We have aggressive goals in terms of growth and are motivated to meet all of them!

Grace, what is the most rewarding aspect of working at Perch?

It’s rewarding to be in a high-impact role because there is such potential in Europe. My goal is to see Europe represent 30% of our revenue. I feel like I am learning every day, which is very rewarding and also facilitated by the fact that I am around smart people on a daily basis.

Lastly, what has surprised you the most about working with the Amazon ecosystem?

I would have to say that I am most surprised by the opportunity presented by Amazon to small businesses and entrepreneurs and the difference that this opportunity has made in people’s lives. I’ve worked closely with sellers around the world—such as South Africa, Israel, and throughout Europe—and the ability to sell items from one’s home, and to have a chance to earn a substantial income regardless of background, cannot be overstated. The platform offers an amazing opportunity to change people’s lives in a very real way.

Thank you so much for your time Grace, I think all of us appreciate the chance to get to know you.

Thank you, it was my pleasure!

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