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What is going on here, anyway? (a word from the Founder)

Updated: Jan 25, 2021

“Why would you start a business that is built around Amazon?”

It's a question I get with some frequency.

After all, Amazon is known for crushing competitors, big or small - even if that unlucky competitor didn’t realize they were a competitor until it was too late.

And they’re also known for being a difficult and sometimes mercurial partner or sales channel.

To answer why I would jump into this space, it’s probably helpful to know a few things about me.

1. Ever since I was a sales rep selling copiers and software at The Gordon Flesch Company, I have been obsessed with customers. Through great training and a margin-based compensation scheme, it was ingrained that understanding the customer and meeting their needs is all that matters.

2. My time at GE Healthcare, Bain & Company, and Wayfair got me really focused on people. A great team and great partners are the difference between success and failure. There aren’t many truly new ideas out there - winning is seeing the forest for the trees and executing better than everyone else. To do that, you need the best people.

3. Lastly, I started my career in technology as a Computer Engineer at Georgia Tech and it has been a common thread throughout. Technology’s critical importance to winning has always been top of mind and became acutely apparent to me as we built out the Wayfair Delivery Network at Wayfair.

Coming back to why we’re crazy enough to jump into this Amazon ecosystem (with so many millions of others!) is that in a bunch of ways it is the best place to do all of the above.

1. Amazon, and many of the entrepreneurs in the 3rd party marketplace, are the most customer obsessed people in the world.

2. As I was exploring this space, I was so consistently impressed by the people I met. The entrepreneurs who have found success in the most competitive marketplace in the world are truly impressive individuals and I learn something from every conversation. I love that we are not only entrusted to carry on their legacy, but also give them a well-deserved payday

3. I see a compelling opportunity to use technology to create a platform that can transform how these winning products are managed. There is a lot of complexity to running hundreds of top brands and the only way to do it well is with a great technology platform

Lastly, I don’t think we are competing with Amazon. We are accelerating the Amazon playbook. Amazon has already shown through both words and actions they are embracing the 3rd party marketplace model.

That model depends on great products being offered at great price points, backed by great customer service. We buy only the best products that have a track record of success, we distribute those products globally, we create efficiencies that allow us to offer those products at a compelling value, and we are committed to offering the best customer service. This is how the consumer products company of the future will operate and we aspire to build the very best.

So, not only does this opportunity line up with everything I’ve worked on my whole life, it’s also by far the largest and most competitive global marketplace. A marketplace that no one has fully figured out. Does it really get more exciting than that?

Whether you are a seller, a potential hire, a potential partner, or just an interested party, thanks for reading and I hope you find your Perch!



Founder / CEO, Perch

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