Selling your FBA business in 3 easy steps

Lots of people are intimidated by the prospect and process of selling their business at first. You've done the hard part already (building a great business) - we have deep experience in this and can help guide you through the process.

Perch will review your business and confirm interest

2 days

Within 48 hours of contact, Perch will give you an answer as to whether we'd like to acquire your business and how much you could make. We move to the next step with a signed Letter of Intent.

 Perch will lead the due diligence and legal prep

~2-3 weeks

Perch will lead the process of understanding how you've run your business, and confirming financial outcomes. In tandem, we'll prepare the legal documents that you can review. This can take as few as 10 days and once the docs aresigned it's official!

Migrate accounts and
get paid!

~2 weeks

The last step is migrating your Amazon Seller Central account to Perch. We'll guide you through our playbook and once the account is transferred you get paid! This whole process can take 30-45 days, and we've done it in as quickly as 3 weeks!

Learn more

We'd be happy to connect if you're actively interested in selling your Amazon FBA business, just poking around and curious to learn more about the acquisition process or your potential valuation, or you just want to hear more about Perch.

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